Light doorway Dolly with 2- and 4-wheel steering

4x4 Dolly

0 kg


Maximal payload of the 4X4 DOLLY.

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The maximum width of the 4x4 DOLLY is 76cm. It's designed to fit through every conventional door.


Steering Modes

Three different steering modes give you absolut flexibility during your shots.



The 4x4 Dolly offers you maximal versatility with numerous mounting options.

Product Highlights

Meet our versatile 4×4 doorway dolly: Maneuver with ease through any terrain or doorway with the unique 4- and 2-wheel steering. Built for stability and equipped with plenty of accessories for your filming needs:

  • 4- and 2- wheel steering mode
  • big wheels and spacious platform
  • numerous mounting positions for accessories

Quality, reliability, safety and user-friendliness are top priorities on each film set. Therefore we proudly manufacture our MovieTech grip equipment  in-house in our factory in Munich – MADE IN GERMANY

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Main Features 4x4 DOLLY

Conviently switch between 2- and 4-wheel steering for the perfect shots or change the position of the steering handle.

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With a width of 76cm the 4×4 Dolly fits effortlessly through every standard door.

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Various mounting positions for the turnstile, seat arms, and accessories give you the maximum flexibility.

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Switch from pneumatic wheels to track wheels within seconds and no tools necessary.

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The 4×4 DOLLY comes with the most spacious platform in its market segment.

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Two optional extensions can be mounted on the pushbar and fixed in different positions. 

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Increase the spacious platform even more with an extension or transform the 4×4 to a transport dolly by installing them vertically.

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The 4×4 DOLLY comes with a wide range of accessories to turn it into your ideal shooting companion – no matter what your requirements are.

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Highlights of the 4x4 Dolly

  • The steering system of the 4×4 Dolly is made of special, very hard steel. It ensures the durability of the switchgear unit.  Yiou can switch from 2- to 4 wheel steering whithin seconds py simply lifting or pushing the Pushbar.
  • Additional platform increase the operating space of the dolly. They  can be fixed vertically to use the 4×4 Dolly as a transport trolley.
  • Pushbar-extensions allow you to push the dolly when running besides the tracks.
  • switch from pneumatic big wheels to trackwheels within seconds by simply pulling the quick-release knob.
  • The spaciosus platform offers plenty possibilities to attach all kinds of accessories.


Additional platforms offer you more working space on the dolly and a secure stand.



Stainless steel Gear ensures instant steering mode changes and unwavering stability and longevity.


Push the dolly besides the rails.

2912-0-4x4-Dolly-Professional Camera Doorway Dolly with accessories by MovieTech Germany


4×4 Dolly Basis with several mounting positions for turnstile:

7 mount positions for turnstile on platform.


It only takes a few seconds to switch from the pneumatic big wheels to track wheels. A quick release button ensures a stable fit of the axis.

4x4 DOLLY in detail

Three Steering Modes

By simply lifting the pushbar, the operator can switch from 2- to 4-wheel-steering. A stable stainless steel steering gear ensures a long life and reliable switch control.

As a third option, the steering rod can be attached so that the dolly can be pulled enabling easy transportation.

The steering rod and the push-bar can be mounted at the front or at the back of the dolly. Thereby the grip never gets in the way of the camera.

Fits through Doors

The DOLLYY 4×4 is a true doordolly. Designed to fit through any conventional door it is only 76cm in width. 

Though its narrow design, the platform offers more space than any other dolly in this category. 

4x4 Dolly width Doordolly MovieTech

Multiple mounting positions

The flexibility of the DOLLY 4×4 is unmatched. It comes with

  • 7 mounting positions for the turnstile and
  • 9 mounting positions for seat arms on the platform.
The quick-release clamp bolts enable unprecedented adaptability.

Switch Wheels in seconds

Switch wheels in seconds, without needing any tools. You can choose between three different wheel types:

  • Pneumatic wheels
  •  Trackwheel set 
  • Skater track wheels

Spacious platform

The 4×4 DOLLY is specifically designed to offer you space despite its width of only 76cm. To enable comfortable shots in the most narrow filmsets.

INNOVATive pushbar

Two optimal extensions can be mounted on the push bar and fixed in different positions. It is optimal to walk next to the tracks when working on tracks.

The pushbar can be mounted at the front and back of the dolly. For easier transportation, the push bar can be attached so that the dolly can be pulled. 


Platform extension

If needed the platform can be extended to create more space. The extension can be mounted vertically to use the 4×4 DOLLY as a transport trolley. 

4x4 DOLLY accessories

The 4×4 DOLLY System is a very customizable tool-kit. The spacious platform gives you lots of options to add accessories and adjust the dolly to make it your perfect partner for any shots.

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4x4 Dolly in action

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