Cranked Riser “XL” (65,5-140cm / 25.79″-55.12″)

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Cranked Riser XL for an enourmous range of easy camera position correction.


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Incredible lift range with the new Cranked Euro Riser XL

With an ultra-easy to use hand crank, this ling riser allows for fast corrections of the camera height.

In internal screw and hand lever mechanism ensures a rock-solid and safe lock-off, a 360-degree locking clamp ensures that the riser stays in position.

Adjustable from 65,5cm to 140cm, it offers flexibility tailored to your shooting needs.


Key Features:

  1. Effortless Position Correction: The hand crank enables fast and easy camera position adjustments, ensuring efficiency on set.
  2. Locking mechanism: Achieve a solid lock-off with a full range of motion, providing stability for your camera setup.
  3. Adjustable Height: Easily adapt the height from 65,5cm to 140cm, offering flexibility to suit various shooting scenarios.
  4. Self-Locking Drive: With a maximum payload of 80kg, the self-locking drive prevents segments from sinking under load, ensuring stability during operation.
  5. Euro Mount Compatibility: The bazooka is seamlessly picked up via an 80mm Euro mount, ensuring compatibility with standard equipment.
  6. Stabilization Option: In the extended state, the crank column can be stabilized using tension straps. Eyebolts for attaching the straps are included in the scope of delivery.

Additional information

height retracted

65,5 / 25.79"

height extracted

140cm / 55.12


80 kg / 176lbs


11,5 kg / 25,35 lb




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