Pricese dolly track for smooth camera movements.

Master Track

Product Highlights

The one-piece Aluminum profile of the Master Track System offers a maximum of stiffness in combination with low weight.

As a result of special alluminum alloying the tracks are easy to use. The surface is specially hard coated for long lasting.

  • Lightweight but rigid
  • can be used fixed and folded for transport
  • very stable due to precise aluminum profile

The Master Track System offers a maximum of flexibility. The tracks are fold-away, ideal for small packages as well as the possibility of using wide, standard and narrow gauge.

  • gauge: 100cm or 62cm and 36cm
  • length: 0,9m, 1,6m, 2,30m

Quality, reliability, safety and user-friendliness are top priorities on each film set. Therefore we proudly manufacture our MovieTech grip equipment  in-house in our factory in Munich – MADE IN GERMANY

Movie Tech Master Track image Curved Dolly Track


MASTER TRACK is an advanced aluminum track system for dollies and cranes. Its extrudered and hard coated aluminum profiles offer an exceptionally smooth and stable run, even when bearing heavy loads.

Available in both foldable and fixed configurations, it features interchangeable end sections and high-quality stainless steel end joints.

MovieTech Master track Family Dolly Tracks 2,30 1,60 0,90 650x650


MovieTech Dolly Track for camera dollies and cranes, curved circle



Check the details

  • The steering system of the 4×4 Dolly is made of special, very hard steel. It ensures the durability of the switchgear unit.  Yiou can switch from 2- to 4 wheel steering whithin seconds py simply lifting or pushing the Pushbar.
  • Additional platform increase the operating space of the dolly. They  can be fixed vertically to use the 4×4 Dolly as a transport trolley.
  • Pushbar-extensions allow you to push the dolly when running besides the tracks.
  • switch from pneumatic big wheels to trackwheels within seconds by simply pulling the quick-release knob.
  • The spaciosus platform offers plenty possibilities to attach all kinds of accessories.


Additional platforms offer you more working space on the dolly and a secure stand.



Stainless steel Gear ensures instant steering mode changes and unwavering stability and longevity.


Push the dolly besides the rails.

2912-0-4x4-Dolly-Professional Camera Doorway Dolly with accessories by MovieTech Germany


4×4 Dolly Basis with several mounting positions for turnstile:

7 mount positions for turnstile on platform.


It only takes a few seconds to switch from the pneumatic big wheels to track wheels. A quick release button ensures a stable fit of the axis.

MORE features!

  • low weight and maximum stiffness
  • minimal substructures needed
  • minimal expansion at thermal changes
  • smooth running surface – special hard coating
  • Vibration free movement due to direct connections, use of steel connections provides a long lasting functionality
  • Precise cuttings for smooth transitions
  • Wide sleepers offer the highest stability and make possible stacking the tracks
Master Track from Movietech Precise Dolly Track Aluminum

Precise track connections:

MasterTrack is made of precise aluminium. This allows a high degree of stiffness and uniformity of the track surface. As a consequence the operating run is particularly quiet and smooth.
The tracks ends are precisely cut to guarantee perfect track connections

Track For Camera Dollies and Camera Crane

Acoustically optimized rails:

The MasterTrack rails are fitted with holes to reduce the noise transmission of driving through the hollow parts of the tracks. At the same time, it minimizes the vibrations.

Master Track from Movietech Precise Dolly Track Aluminum

Connection pieces at the profiles:

The MasterTrack connection pieces are reduced to a conical shape to guarantee an optimal connection of the rails

Foldable system:

MasterTrack can be delivered, either in the foldable or in the rigid version. The foldable version minimizes the space requirement for transport and storage. The necessary connecting bolts for the rigid version can be mounted easily if wanted.

With the help of a special adapter piece, you can also use the Master track in narrow gauge.


By simply releasing a bolt, the straight master track profiles can be folded for easy transport and storage.

In addition, this feature offers you a maximum of flexibility on set. As the tracks are fold-away, you have the possibility to change the track width from standard (62cm) to narrow gauge (36cm).

Full Circle:

The rails full circle is created by the use of eight curves rails and allows ideal circular movements with a radius of approx 3m.




MASTER TRACK in action

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