Master Track – curved dolly track

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Premium dolly track, made from hard-coated aluminum.

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Curved dolly and crane track – 1/8 circle

The MASTER TRACK system is the ideal Dolly Track, the ultimate solution for professional filmmakers all around the world. The single-piece aluminum profile of the MASTER TRACK system provides optimal stiffness while maintaining a lightweight design.

The curved tracks are 1/8 th of a full circle – so in order to receive a closed 360° circular dolly movement, you will need to combine 8 curved MASTER TRACKS.

Key Features:

  • 1/8 circle
  • Lightweight yet rigid aluminum construction
  • Hardcoated surface for maximal scratch resistance
  • Can be folded in for easy transport and storage
  • Minimal thermal expansion for consistent performance
  • Smooth running surface with a durable hard coating
  • Vibration-free movement facilitated by direct connections
  • Steel connections ensure long-lasting functionality
  • Precise cuttings for seamless transitions
  • Wide sleepers for enhanced stability and stackability

Ideal for camera dollies and crane setups, the MASTER TRACK system delivers great performance, allowing for fluid and precise camera movements.



Additional information


62 cm (24,5")


45° (1/8 circle)


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