Euromount 80/120 & Clamp bolt

SKU: N100-6

Euro Mount with Quick release Clamp bolt (25-28mm)


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Euro Mount with Quick-lock Clamp bolt (25-28mm) — for flexible grip-equipment placement.

The quick-release clamp bolt is designed to fit into socket from 25 to 28mm. The quick-release pin simplifies adjustments, opening and closing with a single screw from the top.

Plus, the wider base of the Euro mount (120mm) ensures increased stability for a reliable setup.

Key Features:

  1. Universal Placement: Position your Euro mount wherever a 29mm socket is available, allowing for adaptable and creative equipment setups.
  2. Effortless Adjustments: The quick-release pin simplifies the adjustment process, seamlessly opening and closing with a single screw from the top.
  3. Enhanced Stability: With a wider base of 120mm, the Euro Mount provides increased stability, ensuring a secure foundation for your equipment.

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Qick-lock bolt


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