System Low Rig Set (incl. case)

low rig for low-angle camera positions.

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System Low Rig (Snake Bracket)

Achieve low-angle shots with unparalleled flexibility and ease of use with our system low rig (snake bracket).

It is the ideal camera low mode for the Magnum Dolly and all dollies with euro mount.

Key Features:

  • Adjustable Height: Achieve the perfect low-angle shot with seamless height adjustments.
  • Versatile Support Tubes: Support tubes with different lengths (300/400/765mm) and 80mm outer diameter for customized setups.
  • Euromount Clamping: Two side brackets with 80mm Euromount clamps for secure attachment.
  • Accessory Attachment Points: Numerous 25mm holes on side brackets for attaching accessories like connecting bolts.
  • Swiveling Counterweight Rod: Effortlessly reposition the counterweight rod for optimal balance during shoots.
  • Quick Setup and Adjustments: Simple and fast transformation for on-the-fly modifications.


  • Tailored Combinations: Create a variety of tube combinations to suit your shooting needs.
  • Comprehensive Adapter Set: The set includes different adapters for enhanced versatility.
  • Convenient Drill Holes: 25mm drill holes in the side brackets offer easy attachment points for accessories.

Additional information

Dolly attachment

via Magnum turnstile, via euro mount


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