Duo Jib

DUO JIB is a jib arm designed for the MAGNUM DOLLY #V. Build to carry 1 to 2 persons with camera, it is available in 4 different versions.

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Designed to carry 1 or 2 persons plus camera, the DUO JIB is a stable, modular jib ideal for working on tight sets. Mounted on the MAGNUM DOLLY, it provides a huge lift range and with the rotatable bearing of the dolly a  smooth 360° endless panning is possible, a feature enhanced by the MAGNUM DOLLY #V wireless mode. The Duo Jib is very quickly and easily assembled and dismounted. Mounted on a Magnum Dolly, the Jib will automatically lift and lower by activating the column movement.

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DUO JIB Magnum #V, DUO JIB for Euromount, DUO JIB Magnum #V extended, DUO JIB for Euromount extended


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