MovieTech supplies European Football Championship 2024

Crane 120 and P10 Remote Head at European Football Championship

We are excited to announce that our CRANE 120 and P10 Remote Head will be used once again at the European Football Championship, showcasing their exceptional performance on a grand stage! All 10 stadions are equipped with MovieTech/ ABC-Products.

We are pleased to continue this tradition of supplying the Cranes and Remote Heads for the biggest football events around the world. The trust of our partners to rely on our equipment and service for decades highlights the quality of MovieTech products.

No matter which country you support, we wish everyone a successful tournament – with great shots, captured by MovieTech! Though we have to admit, we will be cheering for Germany (maybe we are a bit biased here…).


Special Offer Post-Championship

You can purchase these high-quality CRANE 120 and P10 Remote Heads at a very exclusive discount. Each unit will undergo a thorough check-up to ensure they are in perfect working condition before they reach you!

Don’t miss this exclusive opportunity to own top-tier equipment at unbeatable prices! For more details and to place your order, contact us today (+49 89/ 436 891 3 or send us an email at 

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