duo jib
Technical information

DUO jib technical data

Duo Jib Measurements

DUO jib Payload

The payloads refer to both the standard length as well as the extended length.

  • Max. Payload standard mode: 250 kg 
  • Max. Payload high rig mode: 200 kg 
  • Max. Payload low rig mode: 200 kg 

Max. platform height (euro adapter): 272 cm (standard version)

Important Information

  • Make sure that the DUO JIB is in perfect balance at any time. Be very careful when getting on or off the platform. 
  • Only operate on firm ground, only with hard wheels or on track. 
  • Always use a soft ramp (3-4) and low speed (1-2). 
  • Use of connection rod is only permitted for standard length. 
  • Only operate under perfect conditions (no wind, etc.). 
  • Never operate under the influence of alcohol or drugs. 

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