Remote Head MOCA25

The MOCA25 Remote Head is a motorized pan / tilt head with a horizontal and vertical axis of motion. The movement radius over both axes is 360 °

A simple and intuitive operating concept

The MOCA25 is a motorized 2 Axis Remote Head. The MOCA25 system convinces with a simple and intuitive operation. Due to the digital BUS system the Remote Head is ready for use in a short time. The operator has the choice between three operating modules:

PanBar – JoyStick – Cranks.

A robust Remote Head with quiet drive for Broadcast, Studio, Sport and Cine!

The integrated “Harmonic Drive” Transmission operates even undr high loads back lash free to ensure precise movement. The drive modules for pan and tilt are fitted with dove tail sliders to ensure perfect balance with every camera size. The vibration-free construction is equipped with a Mitchell Mount. As an option, a Euro Mount connection is available.

  • high speed and quiet drive
  • backlash-free drive axles thanks to special gearboxes
  • intuitive and easy to control
  • high torsional stiffness due to variably adjustable drive axles (Remote Head can be optimally adapted to the size of the camera)
  • compatible with a variety of crane and jib systems and installed in just a few moments, ready for use with the Mitchell mount or optional Euromount adapter
  • enables zoom and focus control in broadcast optics with integrated motors
  • for use with joystick panel, PanBar and crank operation
The highlights at a glance:
  • three controls PanBar, cranks, joystick
  • enormous load capacity with minimal space requirement
  • very quiet drive
  • modular framework concept
  • integrated zoom and focus function for broadcast lenses
The Control Console – Ramp – Direction

The central “heart” of the system is the control console. Here are all controls such as Pan Bar, cranks or joystick connected, as well as the external modules for zoom and focus. The console provides quick access to the main parameters, Speed, Ramp, Direction. The camera movements can also be limited by soft-stop button.

  MOCA25 E-Cube Pan Bar

The MOCA25 E-Cube is a „true“ Fluidhead System that enables remote head operation via a „pan / tilt head“ commonly used on set. The familiarization phase is very short as the camera operators are used with this operation. A 10-stage friction of the pan and tilt axis allows individual adaptation of the force required for both axis. With the integrated brakes the axles can be blocked.

MOCA25 Cranks

With the MOCA25 cranks you can control the pan and tilt movement of the Remote Head. The cranks are optimized for this particular application in terms of weight and synchronization. The friction can be individually adjusted for both wheels of the pan and tilt axis to produce the desired resistance.
To adjust the speed, ramp and direction, the control panel is used. The same control panel is also used for the MOCA25 E-Cube Pan Bar.

MOCA25 JoyStick

In addition to the Pan Bar and the Wheels, the MOCA25 also operates with a JoyStick control unit. This control unit can be mounted both on the left and on the right side of the control console via a lock washer. The parameters for speed, ramp or direction are shown on the control panel. The assembly and installation can be done in no time without any tools. The JoyStick works extremely precise and responds to the finest control pulses.

Technical specification:

Remote Head MOCA25_Tabelle_Technische_Daten

Technical drawing:

Connecting plate MOCA25 PanBar

Optional focus module for lenses with integrated servo motors
(Canon, Fujinon, Angenieux)

10-step horizontal and vertical friction

Optional zoom module for broadcast lenses
(Canon, Fujinon, Angenieux)

DOWNLOADOperating instructions, service manuals and programming files


Art.Nr. xxx Cranking SET with mounting plate

Art.Nr. xxx Joystick Module MOCA25

Art.Nr. xxx MOCA25 Control Console

Art.Nr. 8412-500 Power Supply

Art.Nr. xxx Focus Module with Cable

Art.Nr. xxx Zoom Module with Cable

Art.Nr. 8470-2700 SET of cables for Zoom, Focus – Canon

Art.Nr. 8470-2800 SET of cables Zoom, Focus – Canon HD

Art.Nr. 8470-2900 SET of cables Zoom, Focus – Fujinon

Art.Nr. 8470-2600 SET of cables Zoom, Focus – Angenieux

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