Sprinter Dolly

Simple but versatile as many rigs and accessory parts may be mounted.

Item No. 2900-0 consisting of:

  • Standard platform
  • 2 running boards (left/right) (Item no. 2900- 100, 2900-120)
  • Pneumatic wheels (Item no. 2904-0SET)
  • Track wheel set in hard case (Item no. 2950-500)
  • Pushbar and steering rod (Item no. 2900-200, 2900-250)
  • Turnstile (Item no. 2901)
  • Manual

Product Highlights

Technical Data


Also available as Item No. 2900-02 Sprinter Dolly
“Big Wheel” Set with a set of big pneumatic wheels.

The highlights at a glance:
The dolly may be steered like a car thanks to the front wheel steering system: e.g. steering rod to the left = wheels to the left (and vice versa). Steering rod and push-bar can be mounted by insertion either at the front- or at the back side of the dolly. Thereby the grip never gets in the way of the camera.
movietech sprinter dolly lenkung

Sprinter Dolly Platform-Concept:

A variable Platform enables to fit special low-rigs for very low camera positions.

Sprinter Dolly seating positions:

By using a tripod instead of the turnstile mount different seating positions for operator and assistant are possible.

Sprinter Dolly quick change over the pneumatic to track wheels:

With the Sprinter it is possible to change over the pneumatic wheels to track wheels within seconds without tools.

Sprinter Dolly track wheels for curves:

The vulcanised wheels guarantee a smooth run even with high load.

Sprinter Dolly low camera position:

Thanks to the variability of the platform and an appropriate low rig, an extremely low camera position can be realised.

Sprinter Dolly Steering for front- and backaxis drive:

The steering unit of the Sprinter Dolly can be changed in a few seconds to a different steering position.

Technical data:

movietech sprinter dolly tabelle technische daten

Technical drawing:

MovieTech Sprinter Dolly

Item No. 2900-02 Sprinter Dolly
“Big Wheel” Set with a set of big pneumatic wheels.

movietech sprinter dolly big wheel

Sprinter Dolly with MiniJib

Item No.2100-0 MiniJib
Item No. 2033-0 Off-Set ball adapter 150mm short

 DOWNLOAD Operating instruction, service booklet and coding data


Seat arm/ Seat/ Off-set ball adapter

Item No. 2031-0 Ball adapter 150mm
Item No. 2032-0 Ball adapter 100mm

Item No. 2033 Off-Set ball adapter 150mm Short
Item No. 2034 Off-Set ball adapter 150mm Middle
Item No. 2035 Off-Set ball adapter 150mm Lang

Item No. 2054-0 Seat arm vertical 10cm/4″
Item No. 2055-0 Seat arm vertical 20cm/8″
Item No. 2056-0 Seat arm vertical 30cm/12″

Item No. 2051-0 Seat arm combined 10cm/4″
Item No. 2052-0 Seat arm combined 20cm/8″
Item No. 2053-0 Seat arm combined 30cm/12″

Riser tube

Item No. 2130-0 Riser Euromount 10cm/4″

Item No. 2131-0 Riser Euromount 20cm/8″

Item No. 2132-0 Riser Euromount 30cm/12″

Item No. 2133-0 Riser Euromount 40cm/16″

Item No. 2134-0 Riser Euromount 50cm/20″

Item No. 2135-0 Riser adjustable 39-73cm

MiniJib/ Accessories

Item No. 2100-0 MiniJib

Item No. 2169 Case for MiniJib

Item No. 2110 Counterweight 16kg / 33lbs
Item No. 2111 Counterweight 10kg / 22lbs
Item No. 2112 Counterweight 5kg / 11lbs

Platforms/ Turnstile mount

Item No. 2907-0 Platform for Sprinter Dolly “Big Wheeler”

Item No. 2900-140 SET Footboard extension for Sprinter Dolly

Item No. 2901-100 Sprinter Dolly Turnstile mount

Item No. 2058-0 Seat round for Dolly

Pneumatic wheels/ Track wheels

Item No. 2950-500 Sprinter Dolly Track wheels

Item No. 2960-01 SET Set of track wheel curve for Sprinter Dolly

Item No. 2906-0 Big wheels for Sprinter Dolly (1 pc.)

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