Arco Dolly

The ARCO Dolly is a hydraulic dolly, which is characterized by a very stable double lifting arm and a rigid base. It can be steered very easily and accurately. The driving modes “crab”, “round” and “conventional” can be switched directly at the handle bar. Like this the dolly can be perfectly adapted to the requirements of the individual situation on set.

Product Highlights

Technical data


Item No. 1510-0 consists of:

  • set of platforms (left, right, front)
  • power supply cable
  • 2 adjustable seats
  • set of push bars 2pcs. (Item No.1537SET)
  • low rig with quick release
  • 90° accessory plate (Item No. 1535-0)
  • manual

The highlights at a glance:
  • Variable chassis leg adjustment cam-lock chassis
  • Incorporate brakes on rear wheels
  • Compact and lightweight for travel and storage
  • Works on both straight and curved tubular track
  • Vertical arm travel
  • Variety of tires available

Flexible camera shot:

Rotatable mounting plate

Shifiting the steering mode from the rod:

The steering modes„crab“, „round“ und „conventional“ can directly be chosen from the steering rod.

Variable Track Gauge:

The Track Gauge can be unlocked at the basis to directly switch from small- to normal-gauge.

Arco Combi-Wheel:

The silent Studio and Track Combi-Wheel is included in the Arco’s basic hardware. Customers can choose from air- and track-wheels

Technical data:


MovieTech Arco Dolly

 DOWNLOAD  Operating instruction, service booklet and coding data


Item No. 1536-0 Battery holder f. Arco Dolly

Item No. 1534-0 Short camera extension

Item No. 1532-0 Long camera extension

Item No. 1531-0 Low platform front, small, anodize

Item No. 1525-0 Set of carry bars for Arco Dolly

Item No. 1537-SET Pushbar set

Item No. 1543-10SET Side platform for ARCO Dolly, set (x2)

Item No. 1570-0 Pneumatic and trackwheels for Arco dolly


Item No. 2024-0 4 Way Leveller Mitchell

Item No. 2026-0 Adapter from Mitchell on euromount with short bolt



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