MT 400 Heavy duty crane

With only two different bracing and parallelogram bars as well as corresponding crane-arm segments with a length of 1 m and 1.5 m, the MT crane system is the compelling choice due to its extremely short set-up times. Thanks to its intelligent connection system, the “push pins” which were forever being lost at the filming location are now a thing of the past.
The MT 400 is entitled to bear the BG-PRÜFZERT badge.

Product Highlights

Technical data



Item No. 4400-0 consists of:

  • 3 crane arm segments 1m, 5 crane arm segments 1,5m (Item No. 4400-150, Art. Nr. 4400-220)
  • main segment with complete bracing (Item No. 4400-120)
  • 15 support- and parallelogram rods 1,5m (Item No. 4400-300)
  • 7 support- and parallelogram rods 1m (item No. 4400-50)
  • 3 parallelogram rod supports (Item No. 4400-450)
  • counterweight basket & extra counterweight basket (Item No. 4400-700, 4400-800)
  • 2 mounting connections (Item No. 4400-350)
  • remote head mount with Mitchell adapter (Item No. 4401-0)
  • base with leveling legs, pneumatic wheels and track wheels (62cm), swivel joint, middle column, push bar (Item No. 4402-0)
  • manual

The highlights at a glance:
  • modular design which allows to be set up as well as extended and shortened with as few components and operations as possible
  • smart connection system averts loosing the safety locking pushpins
  • bracing rods can be stored in crane segments
  • by using a smaller additional bracing (accessory part) the crane may be assembled in a more compact version

Crane boom with levelling:

The MT-400 Boom is equipped with a rotary and vertical levelling. This allows the user to adjust the zero point even if the crane is loaded.

Tool-free locking-system:

The crane segments can be connected without any tools. The MT 400 fast locking function shortens the setup time considerably. The system has a safety function and is designed to prevent the loss of any small parts.

Handles for transport:

Every segment of the MT 400 has a handle for transport. Another helpful feature: The bracing bars can be stowed in the segments.

The new transport cart for the MT-400:

A well designed system customized for the parts of the MT-400. The whole crane fits on the system and can be transported with it, for example from the lorry to the set. The Transport system “onboard” also allows a direct view on all components.

The MT – 400 crane in use:
MT400 – Versions:
Platform MT400 – P1
MovieTech MT400 P1


Platform MT400 – P2
MovieTech MT400_p2


Platform MT400 – P3
MovieTech MT400_p3


Remote MT400 – R1
MovieTech MT400_r1


Remote MT400 – R2
MovieTech MT400_r2


Remote MT400 – R3


Remote MT400 – R4
MovieTech MT400_r4


Remote MT400 – R5
MovieTech MT400_r5


Remote MT400 – R6
MovieTech MT400_r6


Remote MT400 – R7
MovieTech MT400_r7



• Segments 100cm: 4,95kg (10.91lb), 150cm: 8,3kg (18.30lb)
•Crane support incl. basic segments: 25,3kg (55.78lb)
• Counterweight holder: 15,2kg (33.51lb)
• Crane head: 14,95kg (32.96lb)

Segment length:

12x15x150 cm

12x15x100 cm


 DOWNLOAD  Operating instruction, service booklet and coding data


Item No. 4408 Panning handle adjustable

Item No. 8315-30 Display support for MT400

Item No. 4401-0 Remote Head mount

Item No. 4406-0 Platform with turnstile

Item No. 4400-700 Counterweight cage MT400

Item No. 4400-800 Extra counterweight cage

Item No. 4402-400SET Riser for column

Item No. 7705-0 Carrier for 6 crane weights

Item No. 4405-0 Transportsystem “on board” for MT400

Item No.. 4402-300 Push bar

Item No. N200-1000 Clam bolt

Item No. 7740-0 Cushioned seat with auto-rewind seat belt

Item No. 2054-0 Seat arm vertical 10cm/4″

Item No. 2055-0 Seat arm vertical 20cm/8″

Item No. 2054-0 Seat arm vertical 30cm/12″

Item No. 7716-0 Counterweight 16kg

Item No. 7708-0 Counterweight 8kg

Item No. 7704-0 Counterweight 4kg

Item No. 4404-0SET Track wheel set 2-pieces for MT400

Item No. 4407-0 Track wheel set 4-pieces for MT400

Item No. 4100-200 Bracing big

Item No. 4100-220 Bracing small

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