Master Jib

Based on its especially short main segment, the MasterJib can be assembled in various length versions – from a very short Remote Head version R1 with 770mm arm length up to version R6 with 3630mm arm length. Due to the quick-release system, the MasterJib can be assembled in a few minutes and needs no additional bracing. This keeps the size ratio of the MasterJib small and the action radius large.


Product Highlights

Technical data



Item No. 4600-x consists of:

  • crane support with integrated base segment, horizontal and double vertical brake, adapter for monitor support, pan angle display, water level
  • end segment 500mm (alternatively 1000mm)
  • counter weight support incl. steel counter weight rods (Ø 30mm)
  • arm segments 500/1000 mm with quick release system (number depends on version)
  • panning handle flexible to mount
  • crane head with mitchell base plate and handles on the side, horizontal angle adjustable

The highlights at a glance:
  • high payload but small space ratio
  • no additional bracing, quick assembling
  • available and mountable in different length versions
  • compatible for remote and fluid heads as well as 3D Rigs

6 different versions:

The MasterJib is available in 6 different length versions. Even in confined space conditions you thus may use this powerful equipment in its shortest version. With minimal shadowing it’s also perfect for working in studios.

Variable counterweights:

The steel counterweight rods (Ø 30mm outside) may carry different types of counterweights such as stage weights and fitness weights.

Flexible mounting with the different cranes:

Due to integrated horizontal and vertical brakes it’s easy to realize precise panning shots or still photographs with the MasterJib. Via a crane column the jib can be mounted on every MovieTech crane dolly.

Fonctional handle bars:

The panning handles help to operate the jib. They may be mounted flexibly where needed.

Technical data:


• segment 500mm: 4,95kg, 1000mm: 8,3kg
• crane support incl. base segment: 25,3kg
• counter weight holder: 15,2kg
• crane head: 14,95kg
• panning handles: 1kg each
• total weight in version R6: 83,95kg


50kg in Version R6

Segment dimensions:

12x15x100 cm
12x15x50 cm

movietech segmente masterjib

Technical drawing:

MovieTech Master-Jib

Overview on the versions R1(A) – R6(A)

DOWNLOAD Operating instruction, service booklet and coding data


Item No. 4600-0300 Handle bars straight MasterJib

Item No. 4600-0500 Handle bars for MasterJib

Item No. 4400-115 Display support for MasterJib

Item No. 4600-0400 Crane segment 500mm for MasterJib

Item No. 4600-0200 Parallelogram rod, short for MasterJib

Item No. 4600-0700 Crane segment 1000mm for MasterJib

Item No. 4400-50 Parallelogram rod, 1000mm for MasterJib

Item No. 7530-0SET Wide Base Dolly CD6 with Pneumatic wheels incl. column and column adapter for MasterJib
Item No. 7530-01SET Wide Base Dolly CD6 with Studio wheels incl. column and column adapter for MasterJib

Item No. 7531-0SET Levelling legs for Dolly CD6

Item No. 7532-0SET Track wheel set for Dolly CD6

Item No. 7513-0 Platform with turnstile mount for MasterJib

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