Crane up to 14m arm reach

The Kirin crane is the newly developed successor of the well-known MT400 crane.


These features make the Kirin Crane the perfect tool on the set, both with Remote Head and with a manned platform!

Due to its modular concept from the jib to the platform crane to the outstanding camera crane with 14m range, it is extremely versatile!

The feedback, ideas and wishes of many users all over the world have been implemented with this new crane concept. The crane can be assembled in the shortest possible time thanks to the modular lightweight construction and the new locking mechanism.

The patented Hart-Coat® surface treatment effectively protects the crane from scratches and other external influences. Backlash-free connecting plates and additional struts increase the stability of the crane system. In developing this new crane concept, safety and user-friendliness have always been paramount.


The KIRIN KRAN SYSTEM is the result of countless feedback from our customers all over the world. But even though we have been working with greatest care and attention to detail in the development of this new camera crane, there is absolutely nothing like the real stress test in its “natural habitat” – the film set.

In order to improve even the very last details, the KIRIN was used in several productions (here during the shooting of “Wild Republic”). Always with the aim of developing a user-friendly, versatile, robust and reliable camera crane that users will love.


Innovation in detail.

The remote head mount of the new KIRIN CRANE is designed to offer maximum freedom.
No matter how you want to mount your remote head – the innovative concept allows you a variety of mounting positions.


– Integrated 4-way levelling system
– Rotatable remote head mount
– Rotatable mounting plates
– Numerous mounting plates available

Save time without tools.

The mounting plate with levelling device can be rotated by 180° to mount a remote head hanging or standing. No additional tools are required.


4 – Way Leveller

Flat design – precise levelling.

The precise levelling of a remote head is possible in seconds via the 4-way leveller. A tool-free mechanism!

Gap-free due to form closure.

The new segment connections of the Kirin crane are designed in such a way that they form an optimum connection in all temperatures and weather conditions. A perfect contact of the plates by form closure.

Segment Connection

Telescopic system

Flexible in construction.

The telescopic braces allow a perfect compensation to realize all body lengths of the Kirin crane, from the jib to the 14m Remote Head version. There a no further adapters needed!

Sophisticated operating concept.

The new MovieTech Kirin crane offers numerous practical details for convenient and safe operation. The various versions of the handles and swivel supports make work on the set much easier thanks to their flexible positioning.


The highlights at a glance:
– Modular principle enables quick and easy assembly and conversion with only a few different components
– Various brace and parallelogram bars and corresponding crane arm segments in 0.5m, 1m and 1.5m lengths
– 360° rotating crane boom and assembly platform
– Rods can be stowed in the crane segments for space-saving transport
– Telescopic bars for quick assembly without additional adapters

Crane head with levelling:

The Kirin Galgen has a vertical and radial levelling device. This allows the zero point adjustment to be carried out even under let. In addition, the integrated 4-way levelling system enables optimum setup of a remote head.

Toolless connection system:

A tool-free connection of the individual crane segments. Quick locking system with safety function. This shortens assembly times considerably. No loss of small parts possible.

Practical transport details:

The individual crane segments enable the practical stowage of the strut bars for transport!

The new transport trolley Kirin Crane:

A sophisticated system tailor-made for the components of the Kirin Crane. The entire crane can be driven safely and directly from the truck to the set. The trolley provides a perfect overview of all components.




The KIRIN CRANE is probably the most versatile crane system in its segment.
In combination with
– a special jib-head
– counterweight bars (instead of a bucket)
– a smaller tower
it can also operate as Jib-arm with up to 80kg payload.

Different handle options ensure ergonomic and precise operation of the


Jib J3 -Version Kirin Crane

Jib J4 -Version Kirin Crane

Jib J5 – Version Kirin Crane




The KIRIN CRANE SYSTEM: Platform versions are the reliable, robust and versatile partners on the film set! The manned platform versions vary from 2m in maximal arm length to 6,5 m.

In order to improve even the very last details, the KIRIN was used in several productions. Always with the aim of developing a user-friendly camera crane that users will love.

Its versatility is probably the biggest strength of the KIRIN Crane. It can be set up in various platform versions.


Plattform P2 – Version Kirin Crane

Plattform P3,5 – Version Kirin Crane

Plattform P5 – Version Kirin Crane

Plattform P6,5 – Version Kirin Crane


The Kirin Crane in the classic remote version is one of the most versatile camera cranes on the market.
Thanks to the triple rigging segments, precise camera movements are no problem even in the maximum rigging length with 14m crane arm.

The quick-lock mechanism between the individual segments enables set-up in just a few minutes. The remote head mount of the new Kirin crane is equipped with a rotatable 4-Way-Mitchel-Leveling system. For extremely high or especially low camera positions, the mount can be rotated around its own axis.


Remote 8 – Version Kirin Crane R8

Remote 10 – Version Kirin Crane R10

Remote 12 – Version Kirin Crane R12


Remote 14 – Version Kirin Crane R14


  • Segments 100cm: 4,95kg, 150cm: 8,3kg
  • Crane support incl. base segment: 25,3kg
  • Counterweight holder: 15,2kg
  • Crane head: 14,95kg

Segment dimensions:

13x15x150 cm

13x15x100 cm

13x15x50 cm


Kirin Crane DOLLY

The Kirin Crane Dolly is a robust basis for all surface-mounted versions. The 2-wheel steered dolly requires no additional struts to stabilise the column. The track width for track wheels is 62cm.

Kirin Crane Flyer


Art.Nr. 7740-0 Cushioned seat with auto-rewined seat belt

Art.Nr. 8315-30 Display Support for MT400

Art.Nr. 7705-0 Carrier for 6 Crane-weights

N200-1000 Clamp bolt

Art.Nr. 2054-0 Seat Arm vertical 10cm

Art.Nr. 2055-0 Seat Arm vertical 20cm

Art.Nr. 2056-0 Seat Arm vertical 30cm

Art.Nr. 7716-0 Counterweight 16kg

Art.Nr. 7708-0 Counterweight 8kg

Art.Nr. 7704-0 Counterweight 4kg

Art.Nr. 4404-0SET Track wheel 2- for MT400

Art.Nr. 4407-0 Track wheel 4- for MT400

Art.Nr. xxx Handle

Art.Nr. xxx Handle

Art.Nr. xxx Transport system „Onboard“ Kirin Crane

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