4 Way Leveller Euro to Mitchell with cable inlet

The new development of a 4-way leveller with changing plate

Technical specifications

Art.Nr. 2250-01SET

  • 5 replacement plates are available as accessories
  • 7 ° Inclination angle (above average)
  • 5900gr (lightweight construction aluminum)
  • Fine thread (leveling by hand at high load possible)
  • Overhead work possible (new suspension)

With this flexible system, there are no surprises on the set!
Optional connection plates can be exchanged via bayonet system!

The base is a gimbal which can be equipped with various top and bottom plates (Euro and Mitchellmount)!
And this in a few seconds, via practical bayonet closures.
The new 4-way levellers are play-free and are very robust – ideal for the tough requirements on the set.
A single SET like Euro on Euromount can be supplemented with optional adapter plates at any time.

With the new 4-way Mitchell leveling unit, fine threads allow very precise positioning of the tilt angle. The 5900 gram lightweight 4-way levellers are mainly made of aluminum, the axles are free of weights. The 4-way levellers can be supplemented with all adapter plates of the set.

Interchangeable adapter plates via bayonet system!


The Euromount top plate can be exchanged in a few seconds against a Mitchell plate Art. No. 2250-3500. The spacers are required (item no. 2250-1300 extension retrofit kit) and allow the necessary distance (euromount / mitchell) to attach a mitchell adapter with nut.
The spacers are magnetically charged to ensure fast and safe assembly.
The spacers are fastened via Allen screws.


The new MovieTech 4-way Mitchell leveling enables a steep angle of adjustment of 7 °.

Technische Daten:


Height: 140 mm (5.51 inches)
Outer diameter: 216 mm (8.50 inches)


Weight: 5.9 kg (6.94 lbs)


Tilt angle: 7 °
Central locking screw: M48

Technische Zeichnung:


Item No. 2250-3500 Mitchell top

  • Front plate Mitchell
  • Spirit level

Art. No. 2250-3600 Mitchell base with cable entry

  • Mitchell Remote Base
  • Screw nut 2050
  • Manual Key
  • Lock Bolts for Mitchell
  • countersunk screw

Art.no.2250-3300 Lower Mitchell M24

  • Ground Plate Mitchell
  • Mitchell centering screw M24
  • Locking bolts for Mitchell with countersunk screw

Art. No. 2250-3400 Lower Mitchell 1″-14 UNS-2B

  • Ground Plate Mitchell 1 „-14 UNS-2B
  • Mitchell centering screw 1 „-14 UNS-2B
  • Lock Bolts for Mitchell
  • countersunk screw

Art.No.2250-1300Extension Kit – for Euromount Down & Mitchell plate above

4x Spacer „magnetic“
2x Spacer

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