The Scooter Dolly is a quick and easy to setup compact camera dolly for use on narrow gauge track. Thanks to the easily extendible track length, the Scooter Dolly is much more versatile than conventional slider systems.

The Scooter Dolly can be used wherever a manned dolly system is superfluous. Its exceptional smoothness and quiet operation as well as durability make it a unique product of its kind.

Produkt Highlights

Technical Specifications


Art.Nr. 2207-0 SET consists of:

– Scooter Dolly

– Track connector (2x)

– Ground plate (2x)

– Case plastic with foaming mold

– Manual

The new Scooter Dolly has the option “Magnetic Endstopper”.
Two oppositely polarized magnets prevent the scooter from hitting the rail limiter hard. This enables a soft stop of the ride and at the same time the full rail length can be used.

The Highlights at a glance:

– The Scooter Dolly System allows sliding camera movements in arbitrary length and height

– Rapid levelling – no wooden foundation

– No bazookas necessary – height will be regulated by tripods

– Less space required on set

More advantages

– Pressure of wheels adjustable

– Very high running stability thanks to specially developed rubber compoun

– Integrated brake

– Magnetic stopper system

Scooter Dolly magnetic rail stopper:

Magnetic rail stopper ensure safe vehicle operation and secure the Scooter Dolly against accidental crossing of the rail ends.

Scooter Dolly contact pressure:

The friction of Scooter Dolly caravan can be variably set on two wheels. This optimizes the driving experience, depending on load and task.

Scooter Dolly floor plate:

The Scooter Dolly floor plates are leveled to the running rail in seconds.

Scooter Dolly track connector:

A new Scooter Dolly track connection system enables fast and unlimited extension of the rail profiles.

MovieTech Scooter Dolly Video
Technical spezifications:

movietech scooter dolly technische daten

Technical drawing:

Flat and compact
With the Scooter Dolly MovieTech closes the gap between a classic track dolly and various slider systems on the market.
In contrast to these, the tracks of the Scooter Dolly can be extended at will and with a width of only 220mm they are very narrow, which is useful for straight tracks in tight sets.

Innovative braking system
The innovative braking system ensures high contact pressure when a fixed position is required. The Scooter Dolly thus offers a stable basis for even camera pans.

Magnetic Endstopper
The magnetic end stopper ensures precise running out and stopping of the camera movement.
A magnet is installed in the dolly frame as well as in the stopper itself. These act bipolar to each other and build up a resistance when approaching. The magnetic force is also effective at higher camera loads. The stopper itself is adjustable in position to set up a defined end position.

 DOWNLOAD Operating instruction, service booklet and coding data


Art.Nr. 2031-3 Set Bowl insert 150 mm

Art.Nr. 2032-1 Set Bowl insert 100 mm

Art.Nr. 8530-2 clamp ring 80mm

Art.Nr. 2041-14 Mitchell base plate

Art.Nr. 8328-0 Bowl insert 100mm

Art.Nr. 8327-0 Bowl insert 75mm

Art.Nr. 2207-30 Ground plate track connector

Art.Nr. 2207-50 Euromountadapter / Track connector

Art.Nr. 2207-90 Camera base plate / Euromount

Art.Nr. M5622 Protection cap for MasterTrack

Art.Nr. 2594-0/ 2595-0 Protection cap for track end section/ master track

Art.Nr. 2207-10 Track end stop

Art.Nr. 2206-100 Push bar

Art.Nr. 2500-2SET Scooter Dolly Track 0,90m (MasterTrack profile 2x)

Art.Nr. 2501-1SET Scooter Dolly Track 1,60m (MasterTrack profile 2x)

Art.Nr. 2502-2SET Scooter Dolly Track 2,30m (MasterTrack profile 2x)

Art.Nr. 2207-2100 counter nut for bowl 150mm with 3/8″ internal thread

Art.Nr. 2207-2110 counter nut for bowl 150mm with M10 internal thread

Art.Nr. 2207-2120 counter nut for bowl 100mm with 3/8″ internal thread

Art.Nr. 2207-2130 counter nut for bowl 100mm with M10 internal thread

Art.Nr. 2207-2140 counter nut for flatbase with 3/8″ internal thread

Art.Nr. 2207-2150 counter nut for flatbase with M10 internal thread

Art.Nr. 2207-2160 for external thread with 3/8″

Art.Nr. 2207-2170 for external thread with M10

Info: Exchangeable part suitable for all nut forms,
is exchanged with shaft retaining ring.
To be able to counter heads with internal threads.

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