The Magnum Dolly as a system, is an extremely versatile camera dolly, which meets the highest
requirements of a film set worldwide.

The dolly is already in the basic version “Leggero” a fully working camera dolly, that can be optionally equipped
with the programmable, electromechanical lifting column. This makes the Magnum Dolly System very flexible.
During further development, great care is taken to ensure that most of the parts are compatible, even with older models.
This ensures service friendliness and high value stability.

The Magnum Dolly is available as a system in different extension stages!

Leggero Basis-Dolly

The “foundation” of this system is the Leggero Dolly, a highly stable base equipped with 62cm track width.
The studio / rail wheel combination offers the steering modes “Free, Crab, Fixed”.
The Leggero Dolly can be equipped with a base plate and Euromount, a crane column or a turnstile.
The next expansion stage is the electromechanical lifting column. This two-stage column can be used for manned, programmable camera
and a crane travel.

Leggero – Basic dolly without lifting column

The basic element of the Magnum Dolly is the base dolly “Leggero”.
Already in this version equipped with a base plate, it acts as a
is a fully functional camera dolly!

Product Highlights

Technical Data


Art.Nr. 1000-300 consisting of:

  • Basic dolly with integrated pivot bearing
  • Base plate with adjustable Euromount
  • Steering rod
  • Combi-wheels Studio-/Track

The highlights of the camera dolly at a glance
  • integrated pivot bearing enables 360° rotation
  • special powder coating (DB 702) for robust surfaces
  • 2 different track widths adjustable 62cm/36cm
  • Steering rod mountable on all 4 wheel arms
movietech magnum dolly drehkranz
Variable control options

Highest precision of the steering axles enable precise dolly drives “On Location” or in studio operation.

2- or 4-wheel steering oder
3 individual steering settings for each individual wheel:

movietech magnum-radstellungen

Switch steering mode: The switch on all four wheel arms of the Magnum Dolly allows the selection of the steering modes Fixed, Crab, Free.


Narrow gauge: The track width is 36cm for track width “narrow gauge”. The steering mode is switched to “Free” when the camera dolly drives on narrow track.

Standard track: The camera dolly has a track width of 62cm which corresponds to the standard width for track operation.

Compact: This space-saving geometry of the wheel arms is ideal for small enviroment.

Technical Data

Tabelle Magnum Leggero Web engl

Art. Nr. 2000-0 Column for Magnum Dolly


Leggero Kamera Dolly

DOWNLOAD Manual, Service Book and  Programming file

Magnum Dolly – The versatile camera dolly with electromechanical column

The Magnum Dolly with lifting column is the versatile tool and for many years the first choice when it comes to reliability and functionality.
The column can be rotated 360° and can easily be removed if required. This also allows staircases “On Location”.

Magnum Dolly with lifting column

On the market for 20 years and continuously further developed!
The heart of movement! The Magnum lifting column!

Produkt Highlights

Technical Data


Art.Nr. 2000-0 consisting of:

  • Basic dolly with integrated pivot bearing
  • Base plate with adjustable Euro pin
  • Steering rod standard
  • Combined wheels studio/rail
  • 48V – Motor with microprocessor control with
  • Self-diagnosis, four-stage ramp for DuoJib
    or standard operation, 4 separately storable
    program flows. Integrated digital display
    for height, position, channel, ramp, error codes
  • integrated emergency safety device
  • 2 batteries 24V with charge level indicator
  • Hand control with cable, main on/off switch
  • Speed switch, function display
  • seat arm
  • instruction manual/li>

The highlights at a glance:
  • Precise and jerk-free column travel thanks to micro processor control
  • Programmability of start and end points, up to 30 approach points and entire column movements enables exact reproduction of vertical movements
  • Different Speed levels and ramp settings selectable
  • Removable column for easier transport
  • The running strips of the Magnum column are made of a special steel alloy which has a positive effect on the running smoothness of the column.


Precision and reliability:
  • The new Magnum motor – “the heart” of the dolly, is the result of state-of-the-art manufacturing processes. In addition to its enormous longevity, the motor scores with a low-noise brake.
  • A new electronic unit is used in the current Magnum Dolly. Together with the revised handset control and the matching radio handset control, the control system meets the high requirements of the set. Precision and user-friendliness are the main features.



The display of the Magnum Dolly electronic shows the current height of the column and the energy consumption of the motor, as well as the selected settings of program mode, ramp, speeds on 3 digits exactly.

Program selector switch

With the selection switch on the Magnum Dolly the electronic program, ramp, speed up and speed down can be set.

Hand control

The compact Magnum Dolly hand controller allows you to control the column movement comfortably via a rocker and to program it via a keypad.

Radio hand control

A Magnum Dolly radio hand-held controller is available as an accessory. The functions for programming and speed control are integrated as in the stationary version.


Technical drawing:

Support rods for the divisible column

A great advantage of the Magnum Dolly is the divisible column and the possibility to to wear these with two people.
Thus the dolly can also be used without problems e.g. in multi-storey stairwells can be moved.

Art.No. 2025-0SET
Support rods SET (4 rods)



Energy and testing equipment for Magnum Dolly System

Art.Nr. 2004-0SET 24V Charging station complete consists of:
24V Charging adapter plate for 2 batteries (Art.Nr. 2004-0)
Magnum Universal Charger 24/48V (Art.Nr. 2002-0)

Art.Nr. 2003-0 Battery 24V with charge level indicator

Art.Nr. 2019-0 Power supply 230V

Art.Nr.2014-0 Hand-held controller tester (old version)
Art.Nr.2008-5000A Hand-held controller tester (new version)

Art.Nr. 2015-0 Tester for battery 24V

Art.Nr. 2020-0 Short-circuit plug for 24V operation

Lenker und allgmeines Zubehör

Art.Nr. 2033 Off-Set Ball Adapter 150mm short
Art.Nr. 2034 Off-Set Ball Adapter 150mm middle
Art.Nr. 2035 Off-Set Ball Adapter 150mm long

Art.Nr. 2051-0 Seat arm comb. 10cm
Art.Nr. 2052-0 Seat arm comb. 20cm
Art.Nr. 2053-0 Seat arm comb. 30cm

Art.Nr. 2054-0 Seat arm vertical 10cm
Art.Nr. 2055-0 Seat arm vertical 20cm
Art.Nr. 2056-0 Seat arm vertical 30cm

Art.Nr. 2130-0 Riser 10 cm / 4″
Art.Nr. 2131-0 Riser 20 cm / 8″
Art.Nr. 2132-0 Riser 30 cm / 12″
Art.Nr. 2133-0 Riser 40 cm / 16″
Art.Nr. 2134-0 Riser 50 cm / 20″

Art.Nr. 1036-01 Magnum System-Platform-Set

Art.Nr. 1013-00 Telescopic handlebar

Art.Nr. 2135-0 Riser adjustable 39-73cm

Art.Nr. 1003-set Base plate with turnstile mount

Art.Nr. 1002-0 Base plate with Euro adapter

Art.Nr. 2000-0 Magnum electromechanical column

Art.Nr. 1020-0 Steer-out extension

Art.Nr. 1012-0 Steering rod standard
Art.Nr. 1010-0 Steering rod short

Art.Nr. 2058-0 Round seat for Dolly

DOWNLOAD Operating instructions, service booklets and programming files

Magnum Dolly Riggs

Systemausleger Set

System low rig-set
Can be used as mini low jib, side jib or high jib

Art. Nr. 2087-01 SET

With the MovieTech system boom set, low shooting positions can be achieved. The height is infinitely adjustable. The support tubes of different lengths with an outer diameter of 80 mm can be used individually or in combination.

The new system boom set has two side shells with 80mm Euromount clamping.

The surface of the side shells is each provided with numerous 25mm holes. These are used to fasten accessories, e.g. connecting bolts (seat arm bolts etc.) with clamping via a grub screw (from the side) or clamping bolts with central clamping mechanism (clamping by spreading with Allen key).

A great advantage is that the counterweight bar of the system can now be swivelled and placed in different positions, should it interfere with the turning operation in a certain position. And all this with simple, quick conversion measures.

Art.Nr.2087-01SET consists of:

3 hard-coated aluminium tubes 300/400/765mm
1 connecting tube
1 467mm boom with double Euromount adapter
1 Outrigger 547mm with double Euromount adapter
2 end pieces
1 flange pipe
1 trolley
1 Euro adapter end piece
1 clamping bolt
1 hexagonal wrench


  • Numerous tube combinations possible
  • Various adapters included in the set
  • 25mm holes in the ball adapters
  • Counterweight rod can be moved and swivelled

Technische Daten


Länge Ausleger 1: 467 mm/ length (1″ 6′)
Länge Ausleger 2: 547 mm/ width (1″ 10′)
Länge Rohr 1: 300 mm/ width (12′)
Länge Rohr 2: 400 mm/ height (1″ 4′)
Länge Rohr 3: 765 mm/ height (2′ 6″)


19.24 kg (42.42 lbs)

Gegengewichte für Systemausleger Set

Art.Nr. 2112 Gegengewicht 5 kg

Art.Nr. 2111 Gegengewicht 10 kg

Art.Nr. 2110 Gegengewicht 16 kg

Tief- und Seitenausleger

Tief- und Seitenausleger

Der Tief- und Seitenausleger kann in 2 Aufbauvarianten montiert werden um z.B. eine besonders tiefe Kameraposition zu erzielen. In Kombination mit der Magnumsäule ermöglicht er eine 360°-Rotation um den Magnum.

Art.Nr. 2080-0

Produkt highlights

Technische Daten


Die Highlights im Überblick

  • 3-teilige pulverbeschichtete Gussausführung, einfach und sicher zu montieren
  • In zwei versch. Aufbaulängen montierbar
  • Besonders verwindungssteifes Profil für hohe Zuladungen
  • gewichtsoptimiertes Design
  • Eurozapfen unten in verschiedenen Positionen montierbar

Technische Daten


Max. Nutzlast: 130 kg (286 lbs)
Max. Höhe (Euro Adapter): 78 cm (2’6″)
Min. Höhe (Euro Adapter): 10 cm (4″)
Hub: 68 cm (2’4″)
Breite: 12 cm (5″)


12.10 kg (26.68 lb)


Art.Nr. 2080-1100 (Mitchell Adapter)

Art.Nr. 2080-1000 (Kugelschale)



Der Kamera Rig U-Bangi wird speziell gestaltet, damit die Kamera horizontal sehr weich und leise bewegt werden kann.

Produkt Highlights

Technische Daten


Art.Nr. 2090-0 besteht aus:

  • Hauptsegment
  • Euroadapter doppelt
  • Gegengewichtsarm


  • Bei Einsatz des Drehgelenks mit Feststellbremse (2091-0), ist es möglich den U-Bangi um 360° zu drehen.
  • Bei zusätzlicher Nutzung des Systemausleger-Set (2087-0SET), können über den Euroadapter variable Kamerahöhen erreicht werden.
  • Die Montage des U-Bangi auf einem Stativadapter mit Eurozapfen (2095-1000), ermöglicht eine extrem vielfältige Nutzung des U-Bangis: Eine schnelle und einfache Montage des U-Bangi auf einem Stativ oder einer Säulenverlängerung ist nun gegeben. Der Mittelteil des U-Bangi wird dadurch, zu einem Kamera-Slider, der eine Länge von 870mm besitzt.

Technische Daten


Max. Länge: 1150 mm (3.9 f)
Min. Länge: 270 mm (10.6 inch)


Art.Nr. 2091-1000 Kombiadapter 80 für U-Bangi

Art.Nr. 2091 Drehgelenk mit Feststellbremse

Art.Nr. 2169 Koffer für U Bangi


Duo Jib


Produkt Highlights

Technische Daten



Art.Nr. 2120-0 bestehend aus:

  • Plattform mit Drehkreuz (2120-150)
  • Hauptsegment mit Kranstütze
  • Endsegment mit Gewichtsstange
  • Parallelogrammstange (2120-300)
  • Verbindungsstange Dolly
  • Gewichtsträger
  • 3 Gegengewichtsstangen (2120-90)
  • Hoch- /Tiefausleger


Duo Jib Plattform:

Die Plattform bietet auf dem Drehkreuz Platz für die Montage von zwei Sitzarmen mit Rundsitzen. Ein Euromountzapfen für die Aufnahme von Säulenverlängerungen.

Nivellierung der Dolly Plattform:

Eine Nivellierungseinrichtung ermöglicht die Korrektur der Plattformposition.

Duo Jib Gegengewichtsaufnahme:

Drei Gegengewichtsrohre aus VA-Stahl mit Durchmesser 34 mm nehmen die erforderlichen Tariergewichte auf.

Duo Jib Verbindungsstange:

Eine Verbindungsstange zum Magnum Dolly ermöglicht das automatische Auf- und Absenken des Duo Jib beim Verfahren der motorischen Dolly Säule.

Technische Daten

Duojib technical data

Aufbauvarianten Plattform

Version 1:

Version 2:

Version 3:

Version 4:

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