MovieTech 4×4 Dolly

Light doorway Dolly with 2- and 4-wheel steering

The brand new 4×4 Dolly by MovieTech is featured with many innovations which are not common in its class.

The revolutionary thing about new doorway dolly is its steering system. By simply lifting the push bar, the operator can switch from 2- to 4-wheel-steering. A stable stainless steel steering gear ensures a long life and reliable switch control.

The steering rod and the push-bar can be mounted at the front or at the back of the dolly. Thereby the grip never gets in the way of the camera.

Another highlight of the dolly is the enormous flexibility of mounting positions for the turnstile as well as for the seat arms and accessories on the platform. The new quickrelease clamp bolts enable an unprecedented adaptability.

With the 4×4 Dolly it is possible to change over from pneumatic wheels to track wheels within seconds; even without tools.

A variety of MovieTech accessories like tripod-feet, additional platforms, system low-rig, leveling legs, jib-arms and much more make the 4×4 Dolly ready for any use on the professional film set.

Product highlights

Technical data


Video 4×4 Dolly – How to use it
4×4 Dolly info-sheet:
The highlights at a glance:
  • 2- and 4-wheel extensions
  • 30,7inch (78cm) width (Doorway dolly)
  • Steeringmode adjustable at the Pushbar
  • Pushbar can be mounted on both sides of the dolly platform
  • Steeringmode “Crab” can be set with additional part
  • 7 mounting positions for turnstile on platform
  • 9 mounting positions for seatarms on platform
  • Pushbar with extensions for track-pushing (Extensions adjustable in various angles)
  • Levelling legs (optional) for Jib- or Crane constructions
  • Addition platform

Item-No. 2912-0 consits of:

  • Basedolly
  • Platform
  • Pneumatic wheels
  • Pushbar (optional: adjustable extensions)
  • Manual

The steeringmode can be switched easily by lifting or lowering the Steering wheel.
A stable stainless steel steering-gear is made for long life and reliable switch control.

4×4 Dolly Basis with several mounting positions for turnstile:

7 mount positions for turnstile on platform

Mountposition for seatarm:

5 mount positions for seatarms on platform

4×4 Dolly quick wheel switch-process:

Quick toolless switch from pneumatic wheels on to track wheels

Attachment for levelling legs:

The baseplatform is built with four toolless mount positions for levelling legs. Secured by quick pins. So it can be used for cranes.

Steering rod with brake function:

The steering rod of the 4×4 Dolly integrates a brake. It allows the steering angle to be fixed.

Extreme steering angle:

The steering geometry has been perfected to allow a very large lock angles. Thereby the 4×4 Dolly can be driven with very small radii.

Steering system:

The steering system of the 4×4 Dolly is made of special, very hard steel. It ensures the durability of the switchgear unit. 

Wheel brake:

Wheel brakes can be found on the rubber wheels. Thereby it is possible to brake directly from the large wheels.

Euromount adapter:

Euromount adapter with clamp bolt (optional) can be mounted on variable positions on the plaform to best meet the users’ needs.

Push bar extension:

Two optimal extensions can be mounted on the push bar and fixed in different positions. It is optimal to walk next to the tracks when working on tracks.

Crane and jib adapter:

The 3-piece column construction allows to work with cranes and jibs.

Additional platform:

Additional platform can be fixed vertically to use the 4×4 Dolly as a transport trolley.

System low rig adapter for the use of a seat:

The adapter allows the mounting of a 80 mm-tube on the system low-rig set. The tube is available in four different lengths: 150 mm, 300 mm, 400 mm and 765 mm. This allows the seat to be mounted, for example.

System low rig adapter for the use of an off-set ball adapter:

Thanks to the adapter, an off-set ball or ball insert can be also mounted.

System low-rig adapter for the use of a ball insert:

When the Euromount adapter is used as the end piece of the system low-rig tube, it allows further adaptations: with ball insert for example.

Tripod adapters:

With tripod adapters any common camera tripod (e.g. the MovieTech/ABC Bullstand) can be mounted on the 4×4 Dolly. The tripod adapters can be plugged in at different positions in the platform, the tripod itself is tensioned with tension belts.

Technical data:

movietech sprinter dolly tabelle technische daten

Technical drawing:

MovieTech 4×4 Dolly

Item No. 2912-0 4×4 Dolly

DOWNLOAD Operating instruction, service booklet and coding data


Item No. 2912-1000 Turnstile mount for 4×4 Dolly 

Item No. 2960-01 SET 4×4 Dolly Track wheels set (curve)

track wheels

Item No. 2950-500 Track wheels “Skate wheels” (4 pcs) incl. transport case

Item No. 7531-0SET Levelling legs set (4 pcs)

Item No. 2912- xxx  Adapter for steering rod with 1/4″ and 1/8″ threads

Item No. N100-6 Euromount 80/120mm with clamp bolt

Item No. N100-6 Euromount 80/95mm with clamp bolt

Item No. N200-1000 Clamp bolt

Item No. N800-1 System low rig adapter “small” (for system low rig tube 80 mm)

Item No N800-2 System low rig adapter “big” (for system low rig tube 80 mm)

Item No. 2912-99SET Stative feet (3 pcs)

Item No. 2912-2000 Additional platform for 4×4 Dolly (1 pcs.)

Item No. 2912-3000 Extension for push bar (1 pc.)

Item No. 2300-8500 Telescopic seat

Item No. 2140-0 

MT Cranked Riser Version “M”

Item No. 2141-0

 MT Cranked Riser Version “XL”

Item No. 2912-6110

Steering angle fixation

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